Sunglasses trends for 2021/2022


Sunglasses trends for 2021 /2022

Are you among those who establish their personalities in front and center?
Glasses will do the job.

If you check your wardrobe glasses are the most expressive thing you can rock,

Besides protection from the sun, they just make a good fashion statement and can make any drip clothes or formal wear slick.


Moments cover highlights the key sunglasses trends for 2021/2022.

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Classic aviator.

Classic aviator.

A classic aviator staple that everyone knows and loves

Since the 1930s when the airforce requested to build custom sunglasses to protect men from aggression of light to Top gun: Maverick 2022.

Classic aviators never get old with authentic lenses and adorn frames, which makes them perfect for every situation. Whether you are up for blue jeans and black t-shirt, polo t-shirt or dress pants and a button-down, a suit and tie, or swimsuit.



Club Master

Club Master

Clubmaster declares an ageless concept illustrating both style and character. Featuring the noticeable half-framed design which gives studious, scholarly appeal. These are the sunglasses that appeal to just anyone and complement the rest of your outfit.



The coolest thing about wayfarer is that whatever your face type is it suits all.
If you have a diamond-shaped face or angular, oval, or square wayfarer defines you.
From formal to casual to marriage ceremonies it will perfectly pair with anything you wear.

Here are some tips:
1. For formal outfit – Black wayfarer
2. For bold look -colored or flashy mirror.
3. For the usual – wayfarer that you own.


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